Elevant Optima – Chewable Tablets

30 days of recommended use

Elevant Optima may help with the following:

  • Enhanced Brain Health: Elevant Optima's NMN-C® 125mg tablets are tailored to boost your brain health. By strengthening brain cells, it supports long-term cognitive vitality, enhancing mental clarity and focus.
  • Rapid Energy and Focus: The sublingual delivery method enables NMN-C® to work quickly, combating drops in energy and focus effectively. You'll experience heightened energy levels and increased mental sharpness.
  • Convenient and Delicious: Elevant Optima comes in a convenient chewable form with a refreshing lemon flavor. This makes it easy to take on-the-go, anytime, anywhere, allowing you to effortlessly boost your NAD+ levels and stay energized throughout the day.

Boost your busy days with Elevant Optima NMN-C chewable tablets. Optima works fast to combat drops in energy and focus. It helps you feel energized and at your peak all day. Our breakthrough active ingredient boosts NAD+, essential for energy and brain function.

Take two capsules per day, with or without food.

Disclaimer: If you are pregnant, nursing a baby, or have a chronic medical condition, such as, diabetes, hypertension or heart disease, be sure to consult your doctor or pharmacist before purchasing or taking any supplement.

β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

Other ingredients: isomalt, hydroxypropyl-methilcellulose, microcrystalline cellulole, magnesium stearate

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Elevant Optima – Chewable Tablets

Elevant Optima – Chewable Tablets

59,90€ 59,90€

Elevant Optima – Chewable Tablets

59,90€ 59,90€

What to expect taking Elevant Optima

Week 0 - 2

NMN-C® will go throught your sublingual sensor and target your brain cells. You'll feel a immediate boost of energy and improved mental clarity.

Week 2 - 4

NAD+ levels reach a plateau, cells' energy is improved throughout the body. Your brain cells are recharged, your mood balance restored and your deep sleep enhanced leading to a better recovery.

Week 4+

Your NAD+ levels more than doubled in your blood. Your muscle functions and performances are improved and your phyiscal strengh and endurance increased.

Trusted by experts

Chief scientist, Seneque lab

Alessia Grozio, Ph.D

"NMN is vital for cells health as the last biochemical step before NAD+, which is a crucial molecule in cells metabolism"

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